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The Best Items In The Outlast Trials

Sep 29, 2023

Here are the best items in The Outlast Trials!

As you embark on your harrowing journey through The Outlast Trials’ Murkoff Facility, you’ll need to be well-equipped with the right tools and supplies to help you and your friends stay alive. From medicine to lockpicks, powerful rigs, and even batteries for your night-vision goggles, there are a lot of resources to keep track of.

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Furthermore, due to the game's limited inventory, you’ll often find yourself having to make tough decisions regarding what to keep and what to toss. To ensure you’re fully prepared for any challenge that comes your way, keep an eye out for these items while wandering around in the dark.

A standard video game healing item, medicine is an essential item in The Outlast Trials that will help your character recover health after taking damage. They come in both small (common) and large (uncommon) sizes and can be used to recover either a small portion or an entire health bar.

Medicine in The Outlast Trials can be found in locked first aid kits as well as other containers, so make sure to be thorough in your searches. Considering how hard this item is to come by, it should only be used in an emergency.

Antidotes are another important resource in The Outlast Trials that should be stockpiled any chance you get. This item's primary function is to help your character regain their sanity after prolonged exposure to the Murkoff Facility's most terrifying elements.

Just like medicine, antidotes can be obtained from first aid kits as well as found inside lockers and other types of storage throughout the environment. In addition, anytime your character's sanity bar becomes completely empty, the game will reveal any nearby antidotes within the immediate vicinity.

Until you become familiar with The Outlast Trials’ various enemies and traps, you’ll find yourself fleeing from danger quite often. Doing so will cause your character to use up stamina which, when fully depleted, will drastically reduce your movement speed.

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This is where adrenaline comes in handy, providing you with infinite stamina and increased movement speed for a small window. While it may not be as important as medicine or antidotes, you should try to keep at least one shot of adrenaline with you at all times.

Due to their powerful perks, rigs are a crucial piece of equipment that can help you survive your treatment at the Murkoff Facility. However, the fact that they’re single-use items means you’ll need to hoard as many rig rechargers as you can.

These will allow you to replenish your rig and use it once more. Rig rechargers are fairly easy to find, spawning inside toolboxes and sometimes out in the open on the ground.

While relatively common, rig rechargers also have limited uses, so try to use them sparingly.

Another common video game item, lockpicks play an important role in The Outlast Trials’ gameplay by granting you access to locked containers, first aid kits, and rooms that would otherwise be inaccessible to your character.

Although they can appear just about anywhere in the game, lockpicks have a habit of blending in with other objects in the environment due to their compact design. This can make them easy to miss if you’re not paying close attention or running low on power on your night-vision goggles.

Next up are bricks and bottles, two throwable items that can aid you in distracting and even damaging the scary patients who roam the halls of the Murkoff Facility. You can find them lying around on various surfaces but never inside first aid kits or toolboxes.

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When thrown, these items produce a noise that can alert nearby enemies within a certain radius. You can increase this radius as well as gain the ability to knock out enemies with bricks and bottles by unlocking certain amps from Dorris in the Cafeteria.

At the start of the game, your character is seen being drugged by a group of doctors before having a set of night-vision goggles forcefully drilled into their heads. As painful as this procedure sounds, it ends up being quite beneficial for you as the player.

This is because, without night-vision goggles, your character would likely go insane, end up lost and confused, or flat-out die at the hands of enemies lurking in the shadows. The only downside to night-vision goggles is that they require batteries to function properly.

Speaking of batteries, they happen to be one of the most coveted items in The Outlast Trials and the series as a whole. Whereas previous Outlast games would have you use them to power handheld cameras, Trials relies on the aforementioned night-vision goggles.

In the event you run out of juice, your goggles will continue to work but only output a minimal amount of illumination. Thankfully, batteries are relatively easy to come by in the game and can be found inside toolboxes as well as scattered on the ground.

There are several rigs in The Outlast Trials that you can unlock to improve your chances of survival, with some providing better benefits than others. The Stun Rig falls into the latter category, allowing you to throw an electronic device that temporarily shocks enemies where they stand.

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This effect happens instantaneously and remains for a few seconds, giving you ample time to make a quick escape or rescue a fallen teammate. Additionally, you can upgrade the Stun Rig to extend its duration, radius, and other qualities.

Arguably the best rig in The Outlast Trials, the Heal Rig deploys a cloud of healing gas that will let you and your allies recover health over a period of time. This is extremely useful when playing with a full team as there's a higher chance of someone taking damage.

Like the Stun Rig, you can only unlock the Heal Rig by increasing your therapy level and paying a visit to engineer Noakes at the Bingo Fuel Garage. Upgrading the Heal Rig will improve its radius in addition to adding unique effects to its gas that will slow down enemies and cure Psychosis.

Syringes are one of the more polarizing items in the game that can feel completely useless or mandatory to carry depending on whether you’re playing alone or with friends. This is because their sole purpose is to revive other players after they’ve bled out.

Since you can't use syringes on yourself, it doesn't make any sense to take them with you as a solo player. However, in co-op, they’re an absolute must-have that can be retrieved from glass cases fixed to the walls throughout the environment.

Last but not least, the Master Key is one of the rarest and most powerful items in The Outlast Trials that can only be found in the gift room. This secret area can appear in several locations and requires you to press two buttons within a certain amount of time.

Doing so reveals a host of rewards that includes health, energy, and battery boosters along with pieces of evidence that expand upon the game's story. However, the best item has to be the Master Key, which serves as an unlimited lockpick capable of opening any sealed container or door.

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